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A list of the most common upload issues related to: File Upload Requests, Requested Metadata, Aspera Connect, and Chrome Canary. Please share with your file uploader to ensure spec requirements are met. 

File Upload Request


Videos and any supporting files are uploaded using the File Upload Request page.  A custom File Request link is generated for each submission.

  • The File Request link will remain active for 60 days to facilitate resubmissions.

  • Uploads made via the File Request should leverage ASPERA whenever possible.

Share URL:

An in-depth walk through on how to upload files via the File Upload Request page, while also providing clear explanations on the most efficient ways to upload content.


Information must be entered for each file that will be uploaded.  Select the SHOW METADATA link next to each file name or the Expand All option above the list of selected files to view the requested metadata fields.

Request Metadata

Upload Type

  • Selection is required to indicate whether the file to be uploaded is the Original version or a Revision to a previously uploaded file. 

Revision Type

  • Selection of one or more items is requested to provide the reason that a revised file is being uploaded and to identify the modifications that have been made since the prior version.

Revision Type
Reason For Use
Logos / Branding / Chyron
The revised file corrects an issue preventing QC to be done on the original file, or replaces an incorrect original file.
Program to Program
The revised file addresses use of an unsupported codec or container with the previously submitted file.
Audio Fix
The revised file corrects a video issue within the file.
Video Fix
The revised file corrects a video issue within the file.
Codec / Container fix
The revised file has been reformatted with a “P2P” assembly.
Original Upload Corrupt or Incorrect
The revised file modifies or removes bugs, chyrons, hashtags, brand callouts, etc.

Revision Notes

  • Entry is requested to provide any additional details about the revised file that may be helpful to the UMG Video Services team during the QC process.


*All Aspera users should upgrade to the latest version of Aspera Connect and install the browser extensions or add-ons for the particular web browsers they wish to use.*

Reported issue (Dec 2019): IBM revoked an Aspera security certificate due to an identified vulnerability in Ci.

This prevented Firefox and Edge web browsers from recognizing the Aspera Connect plugin as being installed. As a result, Aspera upload and download was temporarily unavailable within Ci when using Firefox and Edge web browsers.

Resolution: Ci’s integration with Aspera Connect was upgraded to leverage the use of browser extensions/add-ons and also incorporated the updated Aspera security certificate that was revoked. Ci recommends that all users upgrade to the latest version of Aspera Connect and install the browser extensions or add-ons for the particular web browsers they wish to use.

Aspera Connect

Uploading Content: Retries and Interval Settings

Reason For Use: If a users internet connectivity is being continuously interrupted, Aspera will fail after the default number of retries and retry intervals. In the event this occurs, users can change Aspera settings to increase the number of retries and retry intervals used by Aspera.

Aspera 1.png

How to Find the Setting

1. Navigate to your Task Bar and select the ^ icon to “Show Hidden Icons”.


2. Right click the Aspera icon, and select “Preferences”.

Chrome Canary



chrome canary logo.jpg

Reason For Use: If a user is utilizing Chrome Canary to upload content via Aspera, they may run into an issue where Aspera is continually prompting them to update and/or reinstall Aspera. Although nothing officially has been released by Google, the Video Services team has noticed issues between Chrome Canary and Aspera.


Solution: User should utilize a different internet browser for content upload.

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